Friday, April 25, 2008

Shutting down

Not that I think anyone reads this blog anymore but, I have stopped playing EOJ. I found the price structure, the delays, the lack of online functions and the general lack of information about the future of the game untenable. Hence since I am no longer playing the game I am no longer going to be running this blog about Eye of Judgment. Thank you for reading have a good day.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Are Now Official

As you can see to the side there my poor little blog has been granted official EOJ Site status along with 5 or so others. What this means is I will be getting some news and insight into things so I can share them with you lovely readers.

Speaking of my readers I need to apologize and ask that you bear with me a little longer I know the updates have been fairly slow but, my work decided to try a new schedule that involved me and 10 hours a day 7 days a week which leaves me time enough to curse upper management then eat and go to bed. I promise though that there will be more and more frequently once this marathon session at work is over.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spire of Juno Eye of Judgment Set 2

Well it is somewhat hard to compete with I love Judgment's card previews since he has the advantage of being able to translate the cards from the Japanese site but, I will do my poor best here with the next card Spire of Juno.

As it easy to remember this cards summon, attack, HP, and activation as they are all 8's. Which is pretty hefty no matter which way you look at it. I mean yes it does pack a huge wallop and yes it should stick around for at least a few turns however you will definitely burn your mana pool to bring this thing out. Luckily it does have the Incarnation ability you can use on non-Biolith creatures to lower the cost a little bit. Though doing so means you wont get to smash something for some massive magic damage...did we mention the card has a magic attack. There is however a reason for using this cards incarnation ability since it has a very nice mana gaining feature IF your opponent is using Biolith creatures. Gaining 2 mana extra mana is an outstanding ability..IF as I said your opponent is using Biolith cards. If not well this card would prolly be better relegated to a lapse. This card like the fist is fairly straightforward and doesn't and wouldn't require a combo to set up and use. It will likely take the place of a big hitter though since even with Incarnation it is really expensive to summon. And being Non Element is a double edged sword really since while it can't be targeted by things like Scion or Watchtower. It also doesn't receive any benefits of things like lower summoning cost and lower activation cost the Biolith and elements can get.

So my final judgment on this card is positive with reservations. Think long and hard before playing this one kiddo's since from the looks of a lot of set 2 cards Biolith decks might not be as prevalent as they are right now. So I would not count on it's mana gain ability. Though it would be a nice card to have to go along with other mana gainers. All in all it is a decent card. Just very expensive but, very strong.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Eye of Judgment Set 2 Delayed (And a thanks to the community)

So mixed news on the PlayStation blog today. I will quickly go over the main gist of the blog post. The positive news is the people behind Eye of Judgment seem to be taking a more active role in working with the different EOJ communities. Even going as far as giving a shout out to the best of them. I am flattered to be mentioned since I have not been on top of the updates like I originally planned. That is neither here nor there though.

Now for the bad news. Apparently the US release of the cards is unexpectedly delayed. No effect on Europe and Japan however which is somewhat unfortunate but, nothing to get your panties in a bunch over. Hopefully the delay will be less then a week or so however considering the cards and update was going to drop next week and they announced there was a problem does not bode well.

The last bit of news is that there is a Set 2 video available for download however I will share it here as well because it is just that cool.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fist of Juno Eye of Judgment Set 2

Welcome to my series on the non elemental Sacred card series. Or the Of Juno cards since each one is a of Juno..or non element of Juno. If you can call a fist an element (non element) Anyway lets get to the review.

The first card we are gonna touch on is Fist of Juno, here we easily have the strong arm of the non elemental family. Weighing at a beefy 9 HP and dealing 9 damage. It is difficult to tell his attack pattern from the picture though the screen shot of his summon suggest it only covers one square. His stats are impressive, thankfully all of the Sacreds come with a incarnation ability limited to non Biolith creatures. So we are looking at still a stiff cost though not insurmountable. This is definitely not the guy to incarnate to get out of check though remember that. Speaking of his abilities lets take a look at those. As I believe the most powerful compared to the abilities we have seen in Eye of Judgment thus far. Though his ability is not so different then say a Dwarf Sniper the scope is far superior. I think you can safely call this card the ultimate dodge killer. He has a hell of a cost though. And once you summon him you better be real glad of his ability since the odds of paying that activation cost is not likely. Especially if you paid to summon him in the first place. There is not really any combos that jump out to mind to use with him though. He does what he does that will make things easier if your opponent plays dodging creatures. He would be a nice pair with a lapse if you found his ability less then useful and the cost too much for that game. i think I would find myself summoning him to attack so at least I can get in one of those devastating 9 hp strikes in rather then incarnating him just for his ability. My final judgment on this card is IF you end up getting him and he is your only sacred. I cant see how having him would really be a horrible thing. His ability is only good versus dodging creatures but, he still has a hell of a lot of hit points and he hits harder than Mike Tyson after you just told him you couldn't pay back the money you borrowed. There are other Sacreds that I would perhaps want to use more than this one but, if he was all I had then better him then nothing. Which I suppose is a poor recommendation.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Set 2 Eye of Judgment Information Finally a Price!

All kinds of new Eye of Judgment set 2 information on the Playstation blog. Including the revealing of the "s" letter starting cards. Sacreds these are Non Elemental cards that all posses incarnation on any NON Biolith creature. In addition every one has a real nice secondary ability. Especially the Gain 2 mana if the opponent has a Biolith summon the board. Or the no dodging ability. Of course we will be reviewing those cards. Confirmation that there are phantoms in this set as they say there will be more information coming next week. Also there is some kind of promotional card but, they don't give a lot of information on those.

The Biggest news dropped of all however is the price of the expansion in the U.S. $14.99!. That is far less then the before mentioned $30 price tag rumored from before and while Free would have been better that is not a bad price at all. Well don't just take my word for it check it out for yourself.

Giving Props to the Competition

So even though I probably should not be saying good things about my competing blog sites. I am of the opinion that there is more then enough room for anything giving more information about EOJ and providing service to the community. Like DAN on EOJinfo with his awesome deck build I would have to say his is likely the best especially with the card displays. Or the relaunched Lbshooters and the tournament services it offers are second to none. In fact it is my opinion that these two guys should get together and put their one into one concentrated effort and you would only need to visit ONE forum for deck building an outstanding community and excellent competitive tournaments.

However that was not the purpose of this ramble.

I Love Judgment is another blog out there and it seems to be about the same age as my own but, it seems to be just as active as well. Especially recently. So what does he offer on his site? I am glad you asked since it is a fairly unique service. There is apparently an official Sony Japan EOJ site called EOJ Tsuushin (Which translates as EOJ Connection, we all knew that right) That updates frequently and he translate the more salient points for us poor folk who can't speak Japanese.