Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aluhja Inquisitrix Eye of Judgment Set 2

Here we go again with the next card review. Aluhja Inquisitrix, of all the cards listed so far she maintain that 5 mana summon cost which seems to be fairly common. However she does have 5base hit points which is nice. Her magic attack is 2 which is cool but, for 3 activation that is not so cool. However lets take a look at her abilities which are where her summon cost really comes from. The first ability basically gives you a complete reason to run three cards of a type since once you summon one you can go through your deck and get all the rest of them out of your deck and put them in your hand. To me that partially negates the need to run any card drawing summons or card in your deck since you can potentially be drawing two cards each time you summon a card.

This also ties into her secondary ability which is really nice, all Church of Parmus cards gain 1 dodge attempt. So lets do a Church of Parmus roll call. Partmole Fire Oracle, Aluhja Priestess, Flame Magus, and Koog. Already I see something cool developing here. With the exception of Koog who you technically want to die anyway. The other three offer huge potential. Granted the Priestess already has a dodge but, this card gives her two attempts and still an attempt even if she gets field quaked. Your Flame Magus that you summoned for one mana now has a dodge and your beefy Fire Oracle also has a dodge. So three magic creatures that all dodge like crazy. Not to mention as I said about her first ability you slap down one priestess and you are now holding both of the others in your hand if you run three.

Final judgment, yes she costs a lot but, she certainly gives good return on the investment. Her activation is a little suspect but, her abilities are top shelf. She is good enough in fact to build a deck around her abilities which very few cards are like that.



Wow, yeah that looks like it's definitely going to be a favorite. Also, i didn't see a limit to them...so you can have more than one if you want, so they'd both have dodge if you could somehow get'em on the board... nice.

Alucard said...

I don't know if the abilities will stack, however amazing card reviews man. Read all of them. Keep up the Good Work on this blog people.

Mohit said...

"Aluhja Inquisitrix Eye of Judgment Set 2"