Sunday, March 9, 2008

EOJ Central Chatroom

Just a bit of information here we do have an IRC chat server. Now a few of you might be wondering what IRC is and how to use it. Well basically IRC means Internet Relay Chat, and it is just what is sounds like an easy to use chat interface. How do you use it..well that also is fairly simple there are A LOT of programs that can access IRC the most common being Mirc. At that link is also a basic explanation on how to use MIRC. Another option for those who use Firefox is Chatzilla.

The server is GAMESURGE ( ) which is by default on the list of MIRC servers once you join the channel is #EoJCentral
If you use MIRC or Chatzilla or your IRC client supports web linking you can click this link to go directly to the channel EOJCENTRAL

To register on the server (Not 100% required but, recommended) you have two options described in better details HERE

Oh and one last way to join is a web based java client there is no installation required for this option. JAVA LINK

The purpose of the chat room is to provide an easier way to match up with people and also to provide instant help to those that need it. Also it is to bring the community closer together so come by play some trivia or whatever.

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