Monday, March 3, 2008

General Lug Eye of Judgment Set 2

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Alright folks sorry for the time out. The next card to fall under my own eye of judgment would be General Lug. What to say about this card. Well to start at the beginning he has the same attack pattern we have expected to see from the other warlords. As well as the six(6) summon cost. He does have a healthy attack at three(3) but, an awful activation cost of five(5). Also he carries the same ability as the other warlords and that is for fire creatures he lowers the summoning cost and if you run a fire deck that is good. However his ability...I don't know what to say other then perhaps they are going to add more invisibility creatures because at the moment this card is pretty much only good against a ninja deck or to kill those few other cards that are invisible. To me at the moment this is a waste power and knowing my luck this is what I am gonna find in my first booster pack.

Anyway final judgment a below average card. Only it's fire invocation ability keeps it from being worthless. However if there are more invisibility creatures in set two perhaps it will be more worthwhile.

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oh man....5 activation, if not for that i'd say this would be an above average card, especially if we get some scion type cards for the other elements (minus 2 activation cost). So far though i'd agree that these aren't going to be as sought after as the phantoms or heroes either way.