Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Champions Online

So as you can see this will be a common update for me is Champions Online a few days ago IGN showed the first trailer for the game. I will show it after the post. I must say a lot of what they talk about the character creation system has me very intrigued. A bit of back story though the game came out in in 1981 and it used a fairly complex point based system to create unique super heroes. The amount of powers and deviation on said powers made no two heroes alike. Even if one flew with wings and used a bow that shot electric arrows the guy next to him was just really strong guy who could run jump real far to the guy who used to copy his favorite hero. (Ahh Stabby McStabberson I miss you.) Soooo...As I was saying the MMO itself is promising many of those same features such as customizable powers a level we never say in City of Heroes which wasn't a bad MMO in many ways and I enjoyed it for awhile until it advanced too slowly. Hopefully it gets added to the Ps3 but, right now it is just limited to the 360 and the PC.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dwarf Sniper Eye of Judgment Set 2

The next card I will be profiling will be the Dwarf Sniper. This card probably generated more buzz on the forums when it first appeared then any other card. Mainly because of it's wonderful ability. Enemies within TWO fields in front of the Dwarf Sniper cannot dodge. Now read that closely because what the means is not only can the Dwarf Sniper hit that creature it means that creature cannot dodge at all. I am going to take that to mean Perfect Dodge as well since Perfect dodge is still dodging. To mix metaphors it means he clips their wings. That is outstanding ability but, is he worth the cost. As you look at his other stats he is a two (2) summon with three (3) base hit points and the ability to attack at range. Granted his attack is only one (1) However I would easily say that he is worth just as much as all those people who think their deck wont work without an Aluhja Priestess. I am hoping that his secondary ability means we will see more Blackhoods however from the look of things there will be a lot more factions of all kinds to go around. If you take a look down the affiliation list right there is just him and Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra which is a rather small alliance but, some summons like the Church of Parmus have five and Biolith Castle have. Some of the affiliations I expect to be small such as the Corsez family it is none the less good to see them fleshing out the group affiliations.

Final Judgment on this card is very positive. I personally will be finding a place in my own deck for this card even though his secondary ability will likely go never used. Hit main ability is too good to pass up and his hit points are respectable.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marshal Akum Eye of Judgment Set 2

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Welcome back and let me get on to the next card I am going to attempt to give a review on. Marshal Akhum. So first a little background it appears Warlords and castles or forts are a major focus this time around with many cards centered around countering cards that came out in set 1 of Eye of Judgment. Marshal Akhum is no exception to this rule. Like all the other warlords shown so far he has a summon cost of six (6). However he also has easily the highest hit point total of any of the other four Warlords shown. All warlords have Invocation as well as the ability to attack like a dominion spell. This gentlemen unique ability is purely a counter ability. It is a fairly nice one however myself personally have yet to discover a really troubling discard deck so it is a fairly situational ability. However thankfully as I said about his hit points he does have a lot of them, nine (9) on an earth field. So expect him to stick around a decent amount of time and freely attack those creatures you generally left alone before. Three activation with only a one attack is nothing spectacular but, at least he attacks more then one square yet I still find him sub par in ability to Lord Hu. One bone of contention I have with all the Warlords is that their attack is considered a magic attack which means that they have no counterattack ability. Granted some appear in their picture like they could not attack physically but, General Lug for example he looks physically capable enough. Anyway I digress you should really not let me get off track that one.

Final Summery like all Invocation playing this card in an Earth central deck is not a bad idea and putting him in your own discard deck might not be a bad idea just for those people who play a few discards in their deck so you can double whammy them. But, it is very situational if it was not for his seven base hit points I would totally pass on this card. As it is now I say he is just average.

Lord Hu Eye of Judgment Set 2

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Next on the chopping block is Lord Who..I mean Lord Hu. Now I know most of you the first thing you think of is all the puns who can make with that name and I warn those allergic to puns that there will be some in this post.

So the most immediate thing I notice on this card is that this is what you summon if you want to know how many licks it takes to get the center of a tootsie roll pop. Also you notice that he reduces wood creatures summon cost by 1 (To a minimum of one). As if that is not all he gains you one point of mana for every enemy summon is destroyed. That seems to go along with a lot of the theme this time around MANA gain. Now this Roger Daltry stand in also has a fairly complicated attack pattern for a creature (It attacks like a Dominion spell from set 1) that I think might catch the uninitiated off guard being attacked by or attacking with it. Now my opinion is that this card would be the most versatile of the warlords I have seen because any deck could use the mana feature. Obviously it's best use would be a wood heavy deck since not only would it create mana it makes your wood creatures cost less. The six mana cost is rather steep but, I think it's ability is alot more useful then most of the nobles from set one. So I definitely give this card a Thumbs Up.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ship Surgeon Eye of Judgment Set 2

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We are gonna work on a profiling a card or two a day from SET 2 until the set hits stores. First up on the chopping block is Ship's Surgeon. As you can see he is a four summon two cost creature with an attack of two and four hit points. Nothing to really write home about there. However his ability is what really shines. Stealing a mana each time one of your own allied Siam Pirates dodges so that makes you go WOW..wait how many Siam Pirates are there. Well according to affiliation just him and the Cloud Runner itself and I would think Siam might be considered a Siam Pirate also however neither Siam nor Ship's Surgeon have dodge abilities so that does limit it's ability. Since it is requiring some third party cards such as the monk or Latoo to create dodge abilities on these cards. His other ability is when a water creature is destroyed to search your deck and pull out a NON ultra-rare reveal it and put it in your hand. Not to poor an ability if you run a deck that just can't run while missing that one important card. Either ability alone would be adequate though not outstanding both together and his fairly moderate hp make him a good choice for those running cloud runners though I would definitely not consider him a stand out card since he requires a combination to be most effective.

Get to know your Ships Surgeon

Friday, February 22, 2008

New set 2 Information on the Playstation blog

As you can see by the RSS feed on the side there is a ton of new information on the Playstation Blog
about set 2. Including a confirmed fact that there will be a price on set 2. Though they have not revealed that price as of yet I am not very happy myself about that fact. I recommend you go and read the post for more details as anything I put here will be a pale shadow of the plethora of information posted there.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Champions Online

Alright this is a little of the beaten path but, I cannot help but to be completely stoked about this news. Apparently Cryptic studios despite some rough moments with Microsoft has decided to go ahead and create it's new Superhero MMo. And their choice to base the world on. CHAMPIONS. Damn right I said..even though no one else was around. I have loved the game since I first played it in about 1986 and even to this date I still love it. I still have a large notebook of superheroes that have never seen the light of a tabletop game but, I still spent hours making them just for the enjoyment of it. So go check out their blog, go sign up for their forums, go tighten your mask and tights and prepare for the Champions MMO.

Speaking of which my tights are a little too tight Middle Aged man probably needs a new pair.

Quick Update on Lbshooters

It looks like Lbshooters is going down for a face lift but, from the early look of things it will be a nice and exhaustive overhaul of the site. They are slated to go back into full swing March 14th. Meanwhile you can still access their forums here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

EOJ Websites

So I decided to share some information about the Eye of Judgment websites available and a brief outline as to what they do.

First up EOJINFO with a lot of updates this site has gotten better and better and with it's graphic card display and growing community I think is easily the best card management system available on the web. The deck draw feature is outstanding and it has an active community. My only cons I would say the site has is while the graphic interface for creating decks and collections is amazing (especially the card pop up displays) It is not as intuitive as I would like and could perhaps use a little more explanation.

Second up Lbshooters now while this system very likely has the smallest community number wise it is quite an active site with a very familial feel to it. However being a tournament site that is what it excels at. As there are more matchmaking setups (Tournaments, Leagues, Pickup Round Robin events, even a play by forum system) then any other site. Some of it's cons however a lack of automated setups of tournaments and other play which means it is all administrator set up which at times can be fairly slow.

Third on my list is myEOJ. Is quite easily the largest community. It's collection and deck making system is quite easy to set up and given it's large community there are many trades going on here. The interface is clean and simple if a little plain but, it does have a feature that can create a bar to display your deck as a bar in forums which is a nice feature. Cons unfortunately this site has seem some rocky moments with long periods of non moderate forums and most recently a short web outage. However I still recommend it highly.

The last fully functioning website I am gonna mention is eojmanager. Unless I am mistaken this is the first of them all the first card management system and what it does it does well. You wont find a lot of other bells and whistles here just a card management system. I am not sure what else I can say about this site as it actually has a very small forum community but, really it does exactly what the name says so not much to complain about here. However Poisonfrog recommends it so that counts for something.

The last website to mention is the Black Cubic I separate it from the other since really it is a news website and the updates on it have been fairly anemic of late. However they do do individual card reviews which is a nice feature.

Alright I am sure I left out someone and they will be mad at me, or not care at all but, that is my impressions of all the Eye of Judgment websites I know of. Also this list of reviews is based solely on my impression no guarantee of it being 100% factual...though it should be at least close enough for horseshoes.

myEOJ returns

All right then it appears that after a brief Hiatus myEOJ has returned to the internet no news on what happened but, we are glad to see them back in action.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Upcoming Interview

Hello again, so I figured I would share a few things that I have up and coming. First for all those aspiring video creators unhappy with the inability to save your complete ownage we are going to have an interview with a Mr Goodbar. (Sample video after the post) And we will find out how he does what he does, why he does it, and perhaps how many licks it takes to the center of a tootsie roll pop. (Is it three or does the owl lie)

In addition I have a few interviews lined up and planned with some of the top ranked gamers, lets see how they feel about the ranking system, find out a little about their strategy and perhaps see how much they spent on their Scion.

PLUS I have a surprise interview in the works but, I don't want to say anything much about that in case things fall through or I curse myself. And that will be it for todays news we return you to your regularly scheduled match.

MrGoodbarX85 vs XxKingDoormanxX

Grand Opening

Good day to you fellow Eye Of Judgment fans. Rory here AKA GunKata. This is the first post of my Eye of Judgment and other general PS3 type events blog. This is actually my first blog so you will have to bear with me as I have not written for human consumption in quite some time and I am sure some of you may find it unpalatable. I am going to keep this first bit rather short and simple (not sweet as I do not think I can manage sweet.

First of all this is just the placeholder for my blog I will be getting it cleaned up and organized as quickly as I can. However I am more concerned with getting information (both important and nonsensical) out rather then the aesthetics of page.

Secondly I would like to give some word out on my IRC channel. It is new and more people are joining everyday and using it to easily set up quick matches with people they know or can at least talk to before hand something the PS3 setup just can not handle at the moment. Information on how to get into the chat room is available HERE.

Thirdly I want to give out some acknowledgments to a few websites out there who have gone above and beyond in setting up communities and giving us features that advance the enjoyment of our game. LBSHOOTERS ; EOJINFO I know there are others but, those two are among the best and it seems that MYEOJ has gone awol for a few days.

I will leave it at that for now so stay tuned.