Monday, February 25, 2008

Dwarf Sniper Eye of Judgment Set 2

The next card I will be profiling will be the Dwarf Sniper. This card probably generated more buzz on the forums when it first appeared then any other card. Mainly because of it's wonderful ability. Enemies within TWO fields in front of the Dwarf Sniper cannot dodge. Now read that closely because what the means is not only can the Dwarf Sniper hit that creature it means that creature cannot dodge at all. I am going to take that to mean Perfect Dodge as well since Perfect dodge is still dodging. To mix metaphors it means he clips their wings. That is outstanding ability but, is he worth the cost. As you look at his other stats he is a two (2) summon with three (3) base hit points and the ability to attack at range. Granted his attack is only one (1) However I would easily say that he is worth just as much as all those people who think their deck wont work without an Aluhja Priestess. I am hoping that his secondary ability means we will see more Blackhoods however from the look of things there will be a lot more factions of all kinds to go around. If you take a look down the affiliation list right there is just him and Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra which is a rather small alliance but, some summons like the Church of Parmus have five and Biolith Castle have. Some of the affiliations I expect to be small such as the Corsez family it is none the less good to see them fleshing out the group affiliations.

Final Judgment on this card is very positive. I personally will be finding a place in my own deck for this card even though his secondary ability will likely go never used. Hit main ability is too good to pass up and his hit points are respectable.

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