Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lord Hu Eye of Judgment Set 2

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Next on the chopping block is Lord Who..I mean Lord Hu. Now I know most of you the first thing you think of is all the puns who can make with that name and I warn those allergic to puns that there will be some in this post.

So the most immediate thing I notice on this card is that this is what you summon if you want to know how many licks it takes to get the center of a tootsie roll pop. Also you notice that he reduces wood creatures summon cost by 1 (To a minimum of one). As if that is not all he gains you one point of mana for every enemy summon is destroyed. That seems to go along with a lot of the theme this time around MANA gain. Now this Roger Daltry stand in also has a fairly complicated attack pattern for a creature (It attacks like a Dominion spell from set 1) that I think might catch the uninitiated off guard being attacked by or attacking with it. Now my opinion is that this card would be the most versatile of the warlords I have seen because any deck could use the mana feature. Obviously it's best use would be a wood heavy deck since not only would it create mana it makes your wood creatures cost less. The six mana cost is rather steep but, I think it's ability is alot more useful then most of the nobles from set one. So I definitely give this card a Thumbs Up.

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TheTwelve said...

Phew. Thank goodness this card costs 6 mana. If indeed a big theme in the next set is mana gain as you say...hmmm....