Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marshal Akum Eye of Judgment Set 2

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Welcome back and let me get on to the next card I am going to attempt to give a review on. Marshal Akhum. So first a little background it appears Warlords and castles or forts are a major focus this time around with many cards centered around countering cards that came out in set 1 of Eye of Judgment. Marshal Akhum is no exception to this rule. Like all the other warlords shown so far he has a summon cost of six (6). However he also has easily the highest hit point total of any of the other four Warlords shown. All warlords have Invocation as well as the ability to attack like a dominion spell. This gentlemen unique ability is purely a counter ability. It is a fairly nice one however myself personally have yet to discover a really troubling discard deck so it is a fairly situational ability. However thankfully as I said about his hit points he does have a lot of them, nine (9) on an earth field. So expect him to stick around a decent amount of time and freely attack those creatures you generally left alone before. Three activation with only a one attack is nothing spectacular but, at least he attacks more then one square yet I still find him sub par in ability to Lord Hu. One bone of contention I have with all the Warlords is that their attack is considered a magic attack which means that they have no counterattack ability. Granted some appear in their picture like they could not attack physically but, General Lug for example he looks physically capable enough. Anyway I digress you should really not let me get off track that one.

Final Summery like all Invocation playing this card in an Earth central deck is not a bad idea and putting him in your own discard deck might not be a bad idea just for those people who play a few discards in their deck so you can double whammy them. But, it is very situational if it was not for his seven base hit points I would totally pass on this card. As it is now I say he is just average.

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