Tuesday, February 19, 2008

EOJ Websites

So I decided to share some information about the Eye of Judgment websites available and a brief outline as to what they do.

First up EOJINFO with a lot of updates this site has gotten better and better and with it's graphic card display and growing community I think is easily the best card management system available on the web. The deck draw feature is outstanding and it has an active community. My only cons I would say the site has is while the graphic interface for creating decks and collections is amazing (especially the card pop up displays) It is not as intuitive as I would like and could perhaps use a little more explanation.

Second up Lbshooters now while this system very likely has the smallest community number wise it is quite an active site with a very familial feel to it. However being a tournament site that is what it excels at. As there are more matchmaking setups (Tournaments, Leagues, Pickup Round Robin events, even a play by forum system) then any other site. Some of it's cons however a lack of automated setups of tournaments and other play which means it is all administrator set up which at times can be fairly slow.

Third on my list is myEOJ. Is quite easily the largest community. It's collection and deck making system is quite easy to set up and given it's large community there are many trades going on here. The interface is clean and simple if a little plain but, it does have a feature that can create a bar to display your deck as a bar in forums which is a nice feature. Cons unfortunately this site has seem some rocky moments with long periods of non moderate forums and most recently a short web outage. However I still recommend it highly.

The last fully functioning website I am gonna mention is eojmanager. Unless I am mistaken this is the first of them all the first card management system and what it does it does well. You wont find a lot of other bells and whistles here just a card management system. I am not sure what else I can say about this site as it actually has a very small forum community but, really it does exactly what the name says so not much to complain about here. However Poisonfrog recommends it so that counts for something.

The last website to mention is the Black Cubic I separate it from the other since really it is a news website and the updates on it have been fairly anemic of late. However they do do individual card reviews which is a nice feature.

Alright I am sure I left out someone and they will be mad at me, or not care at all but, that is my impressions of all the Eye of Judgment websites I know of. Also this list of reviews is based solely on my impression no guarantee of it being 100% factual...though it should be at least close enough for horseshoes.

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kmonei said...

Black Cubic has the best name.

I am an active member of lbshooters. They have some pretty good tournaments.