Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Champions Online

So as you can see this will be a common update for me is Champions Online a few days ago IGN showed the first trailer for the game. I will show it after the post. I must say a lot of what they talk about the character creation system has me very intrigued. A bit of back story though the game came out in in 1981 and it used a fairly complex point based system to create unique super heroes. The amount of powers and deviation on said powers made no two heroes alike. Even if one flew with wings and used a bow that shot electric arrows the guy next to him was just really strong guy who could run jump real far to the guy who used to copy his favorite hero. (Ahh Stabby McStabberson I miss you.) Soooo...As I was saying the MMO itself is promising many of those same features such as customizable powers a level we never say in City of Heroes which wasn't a bad MMO in many ways and I enjoyed it for awhile until it advanced too slowly. Hopefully it gets added to the Ps3 but, right now it is just limited to the 360 and the PC.

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