Thursday, February 21, 2008

Champions Online

Alright this is a little of the beaten path but, I cannot help but to be completely stoked about this news. Apparently Cryptic studios despite some rough moments with Microsoft has decided to go ahead and create it's new Superhero MMo. And their choice to base the world on. CHAMPIONS. Damn right I said..even though no one else was around. I have loved the game since I first played it in about 1986 and even to this date I still love it. I still have a large notebook of superheroes that have never seen the light of a tabletop game but, I still spent hours making them just for the enjoyment of it. So go check out their blog, go sign up for their forums, go tighten your mask and tights and prepare for the Champions MMO.

Speaking of which my tights are a little too tight Middle Aged man probably needs a new pair.

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