Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ship Surgeon Eye of Judgment Set 2

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We are gonna work on a profiling a card or two a day from SET 2 until the set hits stores. First up on the chopping block is Ship's Surgeon. As you can see he is a four summon two cost creature with an attack of two and four hit points. Nothing to really write home about there. However his ability is what really shines. Stealing a mana each time one of your own allied Siam Pirates dodges so that makes you go WOW..wait how many Siam Pirates are there. Well according to affiliation just him and the Cloud Runner itself and I would think Siam might be considered a Siam Pirate also however neither Siam nor Ship's Surgeon have dodge abilities so that does limit it's ability. Since it is requiring some third party cards such as the monk or Latoo to create dodge abilities on these cards. His other ability is when a water creature is destroyed to search your deck and pull out a NON ultra-rare reveal it and put it in your hand. Not to poor an ability if you run a deck that just can't run while missing that one important card. Either ability alone would be adequate though not outstanding both together and his fairly moderate hp make him a good choice for those running cloud runners though I would definitely not consider him a stand out card since he requires a combination to be most effective.

Get to know your Ships Surgeon

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TheTwelve said...

Interesting. EoJ would be wise to play on the pirate theme. :) Anything with pirates is cool.----12