Monday, February 18, 2008

Grand Opening

Good day to you fellow Eye Of Judgment fans. Rory here AKA GunKata. This is the first post of my Eye of Judgment and other general PS3 type events blog. This is actually my first blog so you will have to bear with me as I have not written for human consumption in quite some time and I am sure some of you may find it unpalatable. I am going to keep this first bit rather short and simple (not sweet as I do not think I can manage sweet.

First of all this is just the placeholder for my blog I will be getting it cleaned up and organized as quickly as I can. However I am more concerned with getting information (both important and nonsensical) out rather then the aesthetics of page.

Secondly I would like to give some word out on my IRC channel. It is new and more people are joining everyday and using it to easily set up quick matches with people they know or can at least talk to before hand something the PS3 setup just can not handle at the moment. Information on how to get into the chat room is available HERE.

Thirdly I want to give out some acknowledgments to a few websites out there who have gone above and beyond in setting up communities and giving us features that advance the enjoyment of our game. LBSHOOTERS ; EOJINFO I know there are others but, those two are among the best and it seems that MYEOJ has gone awol for a few days.

I will leave it at that for now so stay tuned.

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