Friday, March 14, 2008

Giving Props to the Competition

So even though I probably should not be saying good things about my competing blog sites. I am of the opinion that there is more then enough room for anything giving more information about EOJ and providing service to the community. Like DAN on EOJinfo with his awesome deck build I would have to say his is likely the best especially with the card displays. Or the relaunched Lbshooters and the tournament services it offers are second to none. In fact it is my opinion that these two guys should get together and put their one into one concentrated effort and you would only need to visit ONE forum for deck building an outstanding community and excellent competitive tournaments.

However that was not the purpose of this ramble.

I Love Judgment is another blog out there and it seems to be about the same age as my own but, it seems to be just as active as well. Especially recently. So what does he offer on his site? I am glad you asked since it is a fairly unique service. There is apparently an official Sony Japan EOJ site called EOJ Tsuushin (Which translates as EOJ Connection, we all knew that right) That updates frequently and he translate the more salient points for us poor folk who can't speak Japanese.

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