Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fist of Juno Eye of Judgment Set 2

Welcome to my series on the non elemental Sacred card series. Or the Of Juno cards since each one is a of Juno..or non element of Juno. If you can call a fist an element (non element) Anyway lets get to the review.

The first card we are gonna touch on is Fist of Juno, here we easily have the strong arm of the non elemental family. Weighing at a beefy 9 HP and dealing 9 damage. It is difficult to tell his attack pattern from the picture though the screen shot of his summon suggest it only covers one square. His stats are impressive, thankfully all of the Sacreds come with a incarnation ability limited to non Biolith creatures. So we are looking at still a stiff cost though not insurmountable. This is definitely not the guy to incarnate to get out of check though remember that. Speaking of his abilities lets take a look at those. As I believe the most powerful compared to the abilities we have seen in Eye of Judgment thus far. Though his ability is not so different then say a Dwarf Sniper the scope is far superior. I think you can safely call this card the ultimate dodge killer. He has a hell of a cost though. And once you summon him you better be real glad of his ability since the odds of paying that activation cost is not likely. Especially if you paid to summon him in the first place. There is not really any combos that jump out to mind to use with him though. He does what he does that will make things easier if your opponent plays dodging creatures. He would be a nice pair with a lapse if you found his ability less then useful and the cost too much for that game. i think I would find myself summoning him to attack so at least I can get in one of those devastating 9 hp strikes in rather then incarnating him just for his ability. My final judgment on this card is IF you end up getting him and he is your only sacred. I cant see how having him would really be a horrible thing. His ability is only good versus dodging creatures but, he still has a hell of a lot of hit points and he hits harder than Mike Tyson after you just told him you couldn't pay back the money you borrowed. There are other Sacreds that I would perhaps want to use more than this one but, if he was all I had then better him then nothing. Which I suppose is a poor recommendation.



GREAT JOB ON THE CLOCK!!!! yeah, not much to say about this card that you didn't already say...but great freakin' clock........can't wait to see the other Sacreds

Roark-L said...

Impressive card. The Sacreds seem to be a good counter for different strategies that are already running high in the game. Expensive though.