Monday, March 10, 2008

Goblin Fort

The current card under scrutiny is the New Wood Fortress i.e. Goblin Fort, however it's more of a Green Bandit Fortress. Most Set 2 cards seem to be focusing on Affiliation bonuses & the Goblin Fort is no different. Having the standard summoning cost of most fortresses (4) and an activation cost of (3), however till now there is no way to activate a fortress. It has an impressive amount of HP (6) signifying it's durability on the battlefield. The bonus that this card grants is something to be looked at, switching all Allied Green Bandits Card's Attack & HP. This would mean that Summoned Twin Goblins will have (3) Attack & (1) HP. The (1) HP would also trigger another ability that the Green Fort grants; Dodge Attempt at 1 (HP) For all Green Bandit Creatures. I suppose the Twin Goblins will not be as completely useless as before infact if played with the Green Fort they could be devestating. Also summoned Leapfrog bandits would also have a dodge attempt, since they have (1) HP & (1) Attack anyway. So far there are only 3 Green Bandit Cards, The two mentioned above and Green Erkling Zomba. However in conclusion i would say it looks like an interesting card with serious potential but that can only be confirmed once the Green Bandits in Set 2 are bought to light.


GunKata said...

Everyone welcome our new author Roark I think he is off to a good start here. Lucky him or I would cut his pay in half and half of zero is not much. I hope there are more bandits though as you say since this could be a devastating card even without it's ability it is a tough cookie with 6 HP.

Curtiss83 said...

Hmmmmm ... Never thought about this card that way .... wow i guess Twin Goblins aren't noob cards anymore... :P