Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spire of Juno Eye of Judgment Set 2

Well it is somewhat hard to compete with I love Judgment's card previews since he has the advantage of being able to translate the cards from the Japanese site but, I will do my poor best here with the next card Spire of Juno.

As it easy to remember this cards summon, attack, HP, and activation as they are all 8's. Which is pretty hefty no matter which way you look at it. I mean yes it does pack a huge wallop and yes it should stick around for at least a few turns however you will definitely burn your mana pool to bring this thing out. Luckily it does have the Incarnation ability you can use on non-Biolith creatures to lower the cost a little bit. Though doing so means you wont get to smash something for some massive magic damage...did we mention the card has a magic attack. There is however a reason for using this cards incarnation ability since it has a very nice mana gaining feature IF your opponent is using Biolith creatures. Gaining 2 mana extra mana is an outstanding ability..IF as I said your opponent is using Biolith cards. If not well this card would prolly be better relegated to a lapse. This card like the fist is fairly straightforward and doesn't and wouldn't require a combo to set up and use. It will likely take the place of a big hitter though since even with Incarnation it is really expensive to summon. And being Non Element is a double edged sword really since while it can't be targeted by things like Scion or Watchtower. It also doesn't receive any benefits of things like lower summoning cost and lower activation cost the Biolith and elements can get.

So my final judgment on this card is positive with reservations. Think long and hard before playing this one kiddo's since from the looks of a lot of set 2 cards Biolith decks might not be as prevalent as they are right now. So I would not count on it's mana gain ability. Though it would be a nice card to have to go along with other mana gainers. All in all it is a decent card. Just very expensive but, very strong.

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Roark-L said...

I dunno i like it, better than the 9 summon creature anyhow ...